Industrial WWTP

Treatment plants for biologically contaminated industrial wastewater.

ČOV Vimperk pro 6600 EO


Industrial WWTPs are suitable for agricultural production, food industry, and similar industrial operations. Ideal for: butcheries, slaughterhouses, dairies, poultry plants, soda factories, beverage production, fish processing, wineries, etc.


The technology of industrial WWTPs consists of one or two activation tanks (reactors) with intermittent operation (SBR), complemented by other treating stages, such as mechanical or physico-chemical pre-treatment.


At the outlet of the treatment plant, we guarantee the following values:

BOD5             20 mg/l
COD           90 mg/l
SS                 20 mg/l
N-NH4          20 mg/l

Technology of Industrial WWTPs

The SBR technology from TopolWater for industrial wastewater treatment plants is particularly applied in the food industry, where the production and processing of food result in heavily organically contaminated wastewater. For each industrial sector and every operation, it is individually designed according to the investor’s data.

  • Each treatment plant is equipped at the inflow with safe and efficient mechanical pre-treatment, which includes manual or mechanical screens for removing all larger particles and coarse impurities
  • The next step is usually homogenization, which consists of a tank of suitable volume with a mixer, where the quality and quantity of incoming raw water are balanced and prepared for further cleaning
  • The parameters of the incoming water are measured and if necessary, further adjusted. For example, pH measurement and subsequent neutralization, measurement of nutrients (N, P), and addition of chemicals to adjust the concentration suitable for further biological treatment
  • If the organic pollution of the wastewater is very high, chemical-physical pre-treatment can be designed as the next step. This involves the use of dissolved air flotation (DAF), supplemented by processes of chemical coagulation and flotation. This technology reduces the pollution to parameters acceptable for biological treatment
  • This is followed by biological SBR reactors to treat the remaining organic pollution. They are usually specifically adapted to the required operating parameters
  • For large-capacity industrial wastewater treatment plants, sludge management technology is usually designed. This often includes sludge stabilization in aerated sludge tanks, supplemented by mechanical sludge dewatering, where the volume of produced sludge is minimized. These technologies can include, for example, a sludge centrifuge, sludge thickener, screw press for screenings, etc.

Technological Line Typically Consists of the Following Stages:

  • Mechanical Pre-treatment – mechanical screens, sieves, etc.
  • Chemical Pre-treatment – homogenization, neutralization, flotation, coagulation, nutrient dosing
  • Biological Treatment in SBR Reactors
  • Tertiary final treatment – filtration and disinfection
Flotační jednotka - 3D schema / Flotation Unit - 3D Scheme
Flotační jednotka - 3D schema / Flotation Unit - 3D Scheme

All tanks are compact and the technology is usually placed in a simple house. If local conditions require the entire structure can be roofed. If a roofed variant is implemented the architecture of the structure can be suitably adapted to the location where the wastewater treatment plant is built. Another option is to build a WWTP with open tanks thus saving on investment costs.

FLEXIDIBLOK 6600 PE/200 m3
FLEXIDIBLOK 6600 PE/200 m3

Technological Scheme

Flow m3/dayLocation of ConstructionCountryYear
235Kozomín, CTP parkCzech Republic2020
60Maj Frut, SiennoPoland2012
50Fish Farm, Zolotonoša (flotation)Ukraine2012
60Preciosa, Jablonec nad NisouCzech Republic2011
70Alima, Kostelec n. Č. L.Czech Republic2010
300Mnichovo Hradiště (Kofola a.s.)Czech Republic2010
2Verneřice, KladnoCzech Republic2009
100Philip Morris, Kutná HoraCzech Republic2008
20Hamba, Sibiu (Lactofarm)Romania2008
200VimperkCzech Republic2007
150OrodaraBurkina Faso2007
20Agra, Alba IuliaRomania2006
75Mercado, Alba IuliaRomania2006

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