Tanks and Steel-Plastic Panels

This is a new method of manufacturing tanks for storing and treating liquids. It is a unique patent-protected combination of profiled steel sheets, which bear the static load, and thermoplastics, which protect the steel from corrosion.

Both the static stability of the steel parts and the elegance and ease of connection of the plastic parts are utilized here. The result is a watertight, statically stable tank without the need for reinforced concrete structures.

This is indeed the only type of plastic tanks that do not require concrete reinforcement, even when installed below the groundwater level.

Possible uses of the tanks:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water tanks (rainwater, wastewater, potable)
  • Tanks for chemical substances


  • Guaranteed watertightness of the tank
  • Long-term durability with the exclusion of corrosion
  • Resistance to chemical substances
  • Static calculation according to individual requirements
  • Size and shape of the tank according to customer needs
  • Possibility of manufacturing larger tanks directly on the construction site
  • Excellent thermal insulation

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