Company profile

The history of the company dates back to 1990 when it was founded by Ing. Jan Topol as an engineering office for water management construction. By implementing our own internationally patented technologies, the company gradually focused on the production of containerized wastewater treatment plants and the independent supply of wastewater treatment technologies. In 2000, the company transformed into TopolWater, s.r.o., naturally continuing its production program.

All the technologies we provide are the result of our own research and development and are patented in most developed countries around the world. TopolWater’s products thus represent unique technical solutions that are the exclusive property of the company and cannot be supplied by any other company.

TopolWater, s.r.o. is a company with about 80 employees, exclusively engaged in wastewater treatment. Currently, it is capable of ensuring wastewater treatment at the highest technical level for capacities ranging from one house up to communities of 50,000 inhabitants.

Our comprehensive approach to wastewater treatment covers the following range:

  • Research, development, and verification of designs, patent protection
  • Design and construction activities
  • Manufacturing of treatment plants and supply of technological units
  • Operation and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Service of supplied WWTPs

The company’s program is divided into four areas:

• Automatic domestic wastewater treatment plants TOPAS

The TOPAS domestic WWTP technology is protected by several international patents. They are supplied for family and recreational homes, municipalities, or smaller establishments as compact self-supporting plastic containers. They excel in high efficiency, reliable operation, and fully automatic control of the treating process in the SBR reactor system. They are usually produced for capacities up to 800 PE (Population Equivalent).

• Municipal wastewater treatment plants of the Monoblok-T or Flexidiblok type

This type of treatment plant is based on the SBR reactor system. The system is fully automated, with minimal requirements for professional operation. Remote data transfer to the online dispatch center of TopolWater or the WWTP operator can perform this. The technology is typically supplied for capacities of 800 – 50,000 PE. It is standard to offer complete services for municipal treatment plants, from project creation, implementation, test operation, to subsequent WWTP operation.

• Industrial wastewater treatment plants

These are treatment plants for facilities, especially focused on food, meat processing, and agricultural operations. They are also based on SBR technology, but various levels of chemical and mechanical pre-treatment precede the biological stage, depending on the nature of the specific wastewater.

• Technology for tank construction

This is a new way of manufacturing tanks for storing and treating liquids. It is a unique, patent-protected combination of profiled steel sheets, which transfer static loads, and thermoplastics, which protect the steel from corrosion. This utilizes both the static stability of steel parts and the elegance and ease of joining plastic parts. The result is a watertight, statically stable tank without the need for reinforced concrete structures.
Our comprehensive approach to wastewater treatment, from development to service and operation, allows us continuously to verify and improve our technologies in practice.

TopolWater is a family-owned company with the following ownership structure:

Ing. Jan Topol, Ph.D.

Director of the company, technologist, specialist in wastewater treatment, CEO.

Ing. Jan Topol

Inventor and founder of the company, CEO.

Ing. Adam Topol

Specialist in IT and control systems for WWTPs, partner.

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