Domestic WWTPs

TOPAS wastewater treatment plants for 5–500 PE (Population Equivalent) are designed for treating all biologically contaminated wastewater from households, recreational facilities, guesthouses, smaller municipalities, or small-scale production facilities with biological waste.

Easy Operation

TOPAS treatment plants enable the optimization of operation according to the actual amount and contamination of wastewater, making their operation and maintenance much easier.

Smart Control

Included in the delivery is a mobile app that allows full control of the treatment plant via Wi-Fi. The control unit is ready for integration into a smart home system.

Recreational Operation

Thanks to the automatic nutrient replenishment from a separate sludge tank and the intermittent operation of the blower, it remains fully functional for a minimum of 3–6 months without inflow.

Wastewater Utilization

TOPAS treatment plants allow optimal use of treated wastewater for hose watering, automatic irrigation, or reuse in the household, for example, for toilet flushing.


A basic type of treatment plant with a fixed inflow and a low acquisition cost:

  • Designed for an inflow depth up to 0.7 m (LONG variant up to 0.9 m).
  • The inflow tank is connected at the bottom with the activation tank, forming a “connected vessels” system.
  • Does not contain a control unit; the treating process is controlled by a float switch.
  • Circular tanks for capacities of 5 and 8 PE (Population Equivalent).
  • CE certification according to EN 12566-3.
  • The technology can also be used for the reconstruction of old non-functional treatment plants.


Comfortable treatment plants with variable inflow and guaranteed functionality for recreational facilities:

  • Designed for an inflow depth of 0.5 – 1.2 m (LONG variant: 0.7 – 1.4 m).
  • The inflow tank serves to accumulate surge inflows and functions as a pumping station.
  • Circular tanks for a capacity of 5 and 8 PE, rectangular tanks for 7 – 500 PE.
  • Automatic treating process using a control unit.
  • CE certification according to EN 12566-3 for 5-50 PE.
  • CZ certification for 55 – 500 PE.

Unique Features of the WWTP

We strive to always offer something extra at comparable prices to competing treatment plants, whether it’s quality, reliability, higher efficiency, or minimizing the demands on the plant’s operation. What makes TOPAS treatment plants unique?

WWTP Equipment

Every domestic TOPAS WWTP standardly includes a blower, a cover, and a sludge tank for excess sludge, and the TOPAS S type also includes a control unit. Optional equipment for the TOPAS treatment plant especially includes a sand filter, UV lamp, chemical dosing, or GSM module.

Overview of Types

The following table lists all types and sizes of domestic treatment plants, in various variants according to the depth of inflow, shape of the tank, flow rate, and weight.

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Delivery Conditions

All types of treatment plants are fully self-supporting in their basic design and can be placed above or below the groundwater level. Treatment plants up to 8 PE can be installed on a sand base in stable substrates. Treatment plants over 8 PE require a concrete base.
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