Our philosophy

We strive to always offer something extra at comparable prices to competitive treatment plants whether it concerns quality, reliability, higher efficiency or demands on the operation of the treatment plant. What makes TOPAS treatment plants unique?

Minimization of Treatment plant operation

Topas treatment plants were presented as plants with very easy maintenance. This claim is justified by the principle of the patent itself on which basis the optimal concentration of activated sludge is automatically maintained in the aeration tank. This needs to be regulated by the operators at other treatment plants. Another advantage is the equipment of the treatment plant with a separate sludge tank where excess sludge is accumulated and thickened. TOPAS treatment plants also contain a special patented device – a decanter for pumping out treated water which prevents the outflow of biological foam from the WWTP.

TOM Control Unit with WiFi Connection

TOPAS treatment plants are equipped with the TOM control unit with special software that measures the inflow of wastewater and optimizes the operation of the WWTP according to the actual amount and pollution of the wastewater. The control unit includes a WiFi connection which allows full control, adjustment and status monitoring of the treatment plant through an application on a smart device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, PC etc.). Any malfunction of the treatment plant is signalled by light, sound or SMS message (for models with GSM). The control unit is ready to be connected to an Internet of Things (IoT).

Recreational Operation

A normally integrated TOPAS treatment plant remains fully functional for at least 3 months in good biological and operational condition. As with other treatment plants, the operation of the TOPAS WWTP during recreational use involves intermittent running of the blower, limiting the supply of air or oxygen. However, thanks to the automatic replenishment of nutrients from a separate sludge tank, the biological revival time of the treatment plant without wastewater inflow is significantly extended.

Simple Installation

Unlike the usual solutions of other systems, it is not necessary to purchase any additional extensions for the TOPAS treatment plant according to the depth of the inflow. The TOPAS WWTP is manufactured and supplied as a compact product including the cover and blower without additional extensions. The treatment plant can be placed directly near the property as the alternating aeration of the inflow tank eliminates anaerobic processes and thus the odor from the WWTP.

Built-In Sand Filter

The TOPAS treatment plant is practically the only available treatment plant on the market with a built-in sand filter which can guarantee an efficiency of up to 98% at the outlet. The sand filter is automatically washed several times a day within the TOPAS system regime with the wash water being returned to the treatment plant. The treated water is suitable for irrigation and other uses. The sand filter is protected by an European patent.

Removable Technology

All internal technology of the WWTP is designed so that it can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced, and then reinserted and slotted into the corresponding fixtures. This respects the fact that “what can get clogged will always get clogged” and therefore it must be easily removable.

Our company strives to maintain its goal set since its inception which is an exclusive focus on wastewater treatment issues. All our activities are directed solely towards providing comprehensive support to customers in the implementation of wastewater treatment plants and continuously improving this activity. The scope of activities that represent this idea ranges from consulting, preparing offers and projects, through the supply of the technological part of the WWTP, installation and commissioning, service, to subsequent operation or monitoring of output parameters.
We adhere to the principle that the best results and quality can be achieved primarily through close specialization.

The company’s business policy is increasingly focused on foreign markets year by year. Especially for domestic wastewater treatment plants, foreign sales are a significant factor influencing the stability and uniformity of production. Traditionally, the largest customers are France, Sweden, Norway, Poland, and Romania. TOPAS wastewater treatment plants are also sold through our licensed manufacturers not only in the Czech Republic but also in Slovakia. The export is not limited to container WWTPs TOPAS but also to projects and installations of technologies for municipal and industrial WWTPs from 500 to 30,000 PE (Population Equivalent).

We hold the ISO 9001 quality certificate and promote the same idea expressed more than a hundred years ago by Charles Rolls, the founder of Rolls-Royce: “Success is always based on quality and never on price. Poor quality is remembered long after the low price is forgotten.”

Given that our company specializes narrowly in the production of wastewater treatment plants, all development is focused on their improvement and ease of operation. We have completed the development of the new TOM control unit which is operated via an application on any smart mobile device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.). The control unit automatically adjusts the performance of the wastewater treatment plant based on the amount of incoming water. The development of municipal treatment plants with the trade names MONOBLOK-T and FLEXIDIBLOK is moving towards greater automation, comfortable operation and remote control. Right from the beginning of its activity, the company has focused on the development of technologies that meet the increased requirements necessary for their integration into the decentralized wastewater treatment system.

Over the years, a small family business has transformed into a medium-sized company that employs more than a hundred employees and exports its products to many countries around the world. However, we still maintain the values of a family business which is not just about short-term profit but aims to gain and maintain the long-term trust of customers and business partners.

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