Why is the TOPAS wastewater treatment plant better than other plants on the market?

  1. It ensures maximum possible maintenance by itself (automatic sludge removal from the activation tank, maintaining constant sludge concentration, sand filter washing, measuring wastewater amount, and smooth regulation of blower operation according to the actual load of the plant – without the need for timer settings).
  2. The plant has no manually adjustable fittings, which if improperly set, could lead to malfunction.
  3. Upon activation, TOPAS automatically measures inflow and sets itself to the optimal mode with minimal electricity consumption.
  4. It can be supplemented with tertiary treatment ensuring top water quality at the outflow, achieved with a patented, automatically washed sand filter (EP – European patent), possibly supplemented with UV disinfection and chemical coagulant dosing.
  5. Equipped with a special program for signalling fault states.
  6. Can be delivered with a communication module for remote data transmission, including monitoring, operation, and parameter setting by a service centre.
  7. TOPAS construction does not require concreting of tank walls unless there is increased groundwater level at the installation site.
  8. Installation of TOPAS domestic plants is possible only on a sand base.
  9. Variable inflow depth up to 1.2 m is already in the standard design.
  10. Continuously measures, records, and archives the amount of treated wastewater.
  11. Includes an equalization tank at the inflow (for TOPAS S type), capturing surge inflows, concentrated chemicals, fats, coarse impurities, etc., protecting the biological function and ensuring stable cleaning efficiency.
  12. Guarantees biological function for at least 3–6 months after inflow interruption, making TOPAS suitable for recreational facilities.
  13. Almost the entire plant is in a non-corrosive all-plastic design.
  14. Maintenance does not require any primary sludge removal due to the aerated accumulation tank and separate sludge tank with automatic sludge removal.
  15. No anaerobic environment anywhere, hence no odour.
  16. A complete product, no need for additional extensions, lids, or assembly on site. Everything is included in the price without the need for additional extensions, covers, blower containers, timers, etc., as with other plants. Thanks to the optional inflow depth, it’s already complete and ready from production.
  17. All internal technology can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced.
  18. The structure is self-supporting even for variants with a tank for purified utility water or a sludge tank for up to 3 years of operation.