• Biological wastewater treatment plant with intermittent treating technology
  • Operation is controlled by a microcomputer, which adjusts the treating regime depending on the quantity and quality of incoming water
  • Consists of an equalization tank, SBR reactor (activation tank), and sludge tank
  • Generally designed for a capacity of up to 500 PE

Building Solution

In monolithic concrete constructions, all tanks are typically rectangular and combined into one building structure, which is partially or fully roofed – as per the investor’s requirement. An operational house is installed above the tanks which can be either brick or wooden prefabricated.

Advantages of the Technology

  • With sufficient tank sizing – high quality of treated water at the outlet (BOD5 10 – 20 mg/l), nitrification, denitrification, and partial phosphorus removal are ensured
  • Operation does not require constant presence of an operator, it is fully automatic, adapted for remote transmission
  • Low operational costs
  • The WWTP is also suitable for treating industrial wastewater that is biologically treatable

Description of the Technological Line:

Wastewater flows into the equalization tank which also functions as the first activation stage. From the equalization tank, the pre-treated water is pumped into the SBR reactor in a controlled manner. Even during the filling of the reactor and after it is filled, the process of biological treatment occurs, during which oxic and anoxic phases alternate, set by the control unit according to the nature of the wastewater. The treating cycle is concluded by settling the sludge and subsequently drawing off the treated water to the outflow. This initiates the next pumping and the entire cycle repeats. The optimal amount of activated sludge is maintained in the SBR reactor by a sludge pump. After each treating cycle, a determined layer of sludge is pumped from the SBR reactor into the sludge tank.

In the event of insufficient wastewater inflow, the system automatically switches to maintenance mode, where the treating process does not occur. In this mode, the control unit maintains an oxic environment in the SBR reactor to ensure the oxygen supply for the microorganisms in the activated sludge. This keeps the treatment plant biologically functional even during prolonged interruption of wastewater inflow.

Technological Scheme

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