Unique Features of the WWTP

Minimal Maintenance

From its inception, Topas treatment plants have been presented as plants with very easy maintenance. This claim is justified by the very principle of the patent, on the basis of which the optimal concentration of activated sludge is automatically maintained in the aeration tank. This must be complicatedly regulated by the operator in other treatment plants. Another advantage is the plant’s equipment with a separate sludge tank, where excess sludge accumulates and thickens. TOPAS treatment plants also contain a special patented device – a decanter for pumping out treated water, which prevents the outflow of biological foam from the WWTP.

TOM Control Unit with WiFi Connection

TOPAS S treatment plants are equipped with the TOM control unit with special software that measures the inflow of wastewater and optimizes the operation of the WWTP according to the actual amount and contamination of wastewater. The control unit includes WiFi connectivity, allowing full control, setting, and status monitoring of the treatment plant via an app on a smart device (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, etc.). Any malfunction of the treatment plant is indicated by light, sound, or SMS message (in the model with GSM). The control unit is ready for integration into a smart home.

Recreational Operation

A normally incorporated TOPAS treatment plant remains in full operational and biological condition for at least 3 months. As with other treatment plants, in TOPAS WWTPs with recreational operation, the supply of air or oxygen is limited by intermittent blower operation. However, due to the automatic replenishment of nutrients from the separate sludge tank, the biological revival time of the treatment plant without sewage inflow is much longer.
The TOPAS (model S) WWTP is the first treatment plant with independent testing of function after 3 and 6 months without sewage inflow. The testing institute SZÚ in Brno conducted tests on 2 TOPAS S WWTPs with sewage inflow interruption for 3 and 6 months. In both treatment plants, a 97% cleaning efficiency was achieved upon resumption of inflow. Serially produced and certified TOPAS S WWTPs (CE product) were used for testing. TopolWater, s.r.o. received the GRAND Prix award for this product at the For Arch 2018 fair in Prague.

Easy Installation

Unlike the usual solutions of other systems, it is not necessary to purchase an inlet extension for the TOPAS treatment plant according to the depth of inflow, as this WWTP is manufactured and supplied as a compact product, including the lid and blower. The treatment plant can be located directly at the property, as alternating aeration of the inflow tank eliminates anaerobic processes and thus odors from the WWTP.

Built-in Sand Filter

The TOPAS treatment plant is practically the only available treatment plant on the market with a built-in sand filter, which can guarantee up to 98% efficiency at the outlet. The sand filter is automatically rinsed several times a day as part of the TOPAS system with the rinse water returning to the treatment plant. The treated water is suitable for irrigation and other uses. The sand filter is protected by an European patent.

Removable Technology

All internal technology of the WWTP is made so that it can be easily removed, cleaned, or replaced, and then reinserted and fitted into the respective holders. This respects the fact that what can get clogged will always get clogged so it must be easily removable.

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