Delivery Conditions

All types of TOPAS treatment plants are fully self-supporting and can be placed above or below the groundwater level. Treatment plants up to 8 PE can be installed on compacted sand substrate in stable ground. Treatment plants over 8 PE require a concrete foundation. The steel-plastic construction of larger treatment plant tanks is patent-protected. The principle of the patent is that the structure’s stability is provided by profiled galvanized sheet metal. The plastic ensures the tank’s watertightness and protects the galvanized sheet metal from corrosion. The result is stability and rigidity of the structure which cannot be achieved with plastic alone at an acceptable cost.

Scope of Delivery

TOPAS treatment plants are standardly delivered as one complete product, requiring only connection to the sewage system and electrical power supply. They do not have a separate box for the blower or electrical distribution board that needs to be connected to the treatment plant. They also do not include separate extensions for the depth of inflow, etc. If the treatment plant is delivered with a sand filter, this sand filter is already built into the treatment plant.

Price of the Treatment Plant

The price of the treatment plant will be communicated by the company that is our commercial representative in the country where the treatment plant is to be installed. If we do not have commercial representation in that country, please contact us using the contact form.

Delivery Time

The delivery time depends on the immediate demand and can vary both according to the type of treatment plant and according to the time of year. Larger types of treatment plants or WWTPs for greater depth of inflow are made to order and delivery time is usually 8-12 weeks from the payment of the deposit.


We provide a warranty for the WWTP as a whole for 12 months or as per the contract with the given commercial representative. The warranty does not cover defects caused by neglect of regular maintenance of the WWTP according to the operating manual or defects caused during transportation and installation of the treatment plant if these works were performed by the customer or a person appointed by them.

Installation of the WWTP

If the installation site is in the Czech Republic, the installation of the treatment plants includes connecting the WWTP to the prepared sewage system (inflow and outflow); connecting the WWTP to the electrical grid; commissioning of the WWTP and training of the operator. In this case, the WWTP owner is required to prepare for the installation, which includes:

  • Performing the installation site according to the drawing documentation (excavation of the pit, backfilling, possibly concreting)
  • Preparing the foundation bed
  • Ensuring machinery for inserting the WWTP into the excavation pit
  • Preparing the inflow and outflow pipes to the wall of the WWTP
  • Preparing the electrical installation in the property, including the electrical connection, led to the excavation for inserting the WWTP, and secured with a current circuit breaker with a tripping current of 30mA

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